Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy Easter !

Happy Easter everyone !

My Easter eggs - Flake, Maltesers and Creme Egg. YumYum ;P

We're suppose to be having a BBQ later if the weather stays nice and warm.
Pleasee don't rain ?!! LoL


  1. Hi Chloe

    Hope you managed your BBQ!!

    I wonder how many Easter eggs you have left now and which one you ate first?

    Mmmm... I will guess that the first one to go was the creme egg. But if they were mine I would eat the flake one first LOL!!!

    Love Jules xx

  2. Hi Chloe. I've come across from your mum's blog to have a look at your cards - and the first thing I saw was chocolate! Hmmm. Good start! I managed to find your cards in the end though and they're gorgeous - especially the black and white one with a flash of hot pink.

  3. I'm sure those eggs are long gone by now Chloe!!! Your cards are flabulous...hope to see more soon. xx